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13 Reasons Why, Season 1

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/ 10

Published Published almost 6 years ago by Leslie Cheung

13 Reasons Why tells the story about high school student Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) received a box of cassette tapes from classmate Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), who has committed suicide a week earlier. On each side of the cassette tapes, Hannah tells a reason behind her suicide. The story weaves between Clay listening to the tapes and flashbacks to Hannah's story, while the mystery of her suicide unfolds. As the series progress, it keeps you guessing what the mystery behind her death means and Clay is our surrogate, feeling puzzled.

The limited series is an honest dissection of school and cyber bullying, slut-shaming, sexual assault, rape and teen suicide happening in US high schools, but also anywhere else, offering an insight of what could push a teenage to feel desperate in a town that looks so friendly on the outside. However, the series some how leaves out the mental illness factor which is also causing some backlash now. Moreover, the parents of the high schoolers are ignorant of what is happening to their children in school, which is a wake up calls for parents everywhere.

The cast gives a good performance for the show, and new comer Katherine Langford proves she is a rising star with her impactful acting.

E1 Tape 1, Side A - 7.8
E2 Tape 1, Side B - 8.0
E3 Tape 2, Side A - 7.9
E4 Tape 2, Side B - 8.4
E5 Tape 3, Side A - 9.0
E6 Tape 3, Side B - 8.6
E7 Tape 4, Side A - 9.0
E8 Tape 4, Side B - 9.2
E9 Tape 5, Side A - 9.6
E10 Tape 5, Side B - 9.4
E11 Tape 6, Side A - 9.7
E12 Tape 6, Side B - 9.8
E13 Tape 7, Side A - 9.5

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