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Armour Of God II - Operation Condor 1991

Armour Of God II - Operation Condor [1991]

Release date

1991 Feb

Hong Kong

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  • 106 minutes
  • Category I

Plot synopsis

Jackie the Condor is having more than his share of adventures, including a shotgun marriage, when Baron Scappis calls on him for help. The Baron tells Jackie this story: Near the end of the World War II, Nazi Germany was on the brink of defeat. The Nazis decided to hide the gold they had robbed of Europe in a secret fortress in the Sahara Desert. General Count von Katterling assigned the mission to his trusted aide and 18 guards. Nothing has ever been heard from the men since. The United Nations wants to have the gold recovered and used on humanitarian projects. So the Baron tells the Condor: you go there, locate the gold and take it back. And the Baron gives Jackie an assistant, Ada, a Chinese scholar, very pretty, very proud. Ada of course does not approve of Jackie's happy-go-lucky ways...

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Jackie Chan

Asian Hawk / Condor / Jackie