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Demonlover 2002

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  • 129 minutes
  • 120 minutes
  • Category III
  • Hong Kong edited version

Plot synopsis

A hugely powerful conglomerate, Volf is negotiating the acquisition of TokyoAnimé, whose revolutionary pornographic 3-D manga is set to annihilate the competition in an extraordinarily lucrative market. Two companies, Mangatronics and Demonlover, battle to obtain exclusive distribution rights to Volf's new images on the Web. Mangatronics has recruted Diane as a kind of industrial spy to serve its interests by torpedoing the Demonlover contract from within. Diane discovers that the sites' spies have also infiltrated the Volf Group. Her increasing knowledge makes her a danger to Demonlover...


Connie Nielsen

Diane de Monx

Charles Berling

Hervé Le Millinec

Chloë Sevigny

Elise Lipsky