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Always - Sunset On Third Street 2 2007

Always - Sunset On Third Street 2 [2007]

Release date

2010 Jun

Hong Kong

Original Title
ALWAYS 続・三丁目の夕日
  • 146 minutes
  • Category I

Plot synopsis

Spring of 1959. This is the year that the hosting of the Tokyo Olympics was confirmed and Japan took a step into its age of high-speed economic growth. Chagawa lives with Junnosuke, still thinking of Hiromi who had left without a word. One day, Kawabuchi returns to Chagawa to take Junnosuke back again. He gives in after realizing Chagawa's strong feelings for Junnosuke and leaves saying "If I ever get convinced that Junnosuke is not living a decent life, then I will make sure to take him home with me" Meanwhile, at Suzuki Auto, Mutsuko can now work very well on her own and the business is starting to expand nicely. Then a new member joins the family. Norifumi's relative, Suzuki Daisaku, has failed in his business and his daughter, Mika is sent to the Suzukis for awhile. Although Ippei is not too happy about her staying with the family, Norifumi, Tomoe and Mutsuko all welcome her. However, Mika had always lived in comfort and is struggling to accept her new life without housekeepers. Mutsuko comes across with Nakayama Takeo (Asari Yosuke) who came to Tokyo with her in the same mass employment group. She doesn't find it altogether bad when the tobacco shop owner, Kin (Motai Masako) who happened to be there teased them. And Dr. Takuma (Miura Tomokazu) is luring foxes with Yakitori on a footpath near a shrine in hope of getting bewitched again.

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