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40 2009

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  • 89 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

Metin fled from home for a new life in the city. He uses his cab to deliver drugs for survival. He believes his life is cursed and things always seem to go from bad to worse. Godwill, a Nigerian immigrant, was deemed the will of God by the villagers. Human traffickers promised to take him to Paris to find his true love; but instead he winds up in Istanbul. He has lived amongst the gangs, drug dealers and transvestites in the worst slums for four years. Sevda is a nurse who can't seem to find her place. She's dabbled in various religions and the latest is using numerology to chart her course. She dreams of breaking free of the self imposed monotonous her life for the sake of her daughter. Metin, Godwill and Sevda are just 3 people in a city of 12 million - yet, like a magnetic force, something more powerful has taken hold, inextricably linking their fates and causing us to question the sacrosanctity of numbers, faith, destiny and just plain luck.



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