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Crazy Heart 2009

Crazy Heart [2009]

Release date

2010 Mar

Hong Kong

  • 111 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

At the age of 57, Bad still lives his life out on the road, playing long-ago #1 hits in third-rate beer joints and bowling alleys to ageing crowds as drunk and yearning as he is, while his fleeting fame slides into obscurity. The most he can hope for these days is to open a big concert for his young protégé, Tommy Sweet, who learned everything he knows from Bad - except Tommy, unlike Bad, managed to become rich and famous from it.

One gig blurs into the next until one night in Santa Fe when Bad meets a local journalist Jean Craddock and falls for her harder than usual. Bad promises nothing to Jean and, as a single mom with plenty of regrets, Jean knows she’d be a fool to believe even in that. Still, they continue winding up in each other's arms.


Maggie Gyllenhaal

Jean Craddock

Colin Farrell

Tommy Sweet


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