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Bandage 2010

Bandage [2010]

Release date

2010 Aug

Hong Kong

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/ 10

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Original Title
  • 119 minutes
  • Category IIA

Plot synopsis

Asako (Kie Kitano) and Miharu (Anne Watanabe) are average students at a female high school. One day, Miharu decides to drop out of school due to parental problems. Miharu lends Asako a CD of her favourite indie rock band LANDS. Asako loves the CD and fast becomes a fan of the band, especially guitarist Yukiya (Kengo Kora).

The girls then sneak into the backstage area during a LANDS concert at club. Asako meets LANDS members Kenji (Hideyuki Kasahara), Ryuji (Nobuaki Kaneko), and vocalist Natsu (Jin Akanishi). Natsu is immediately attracted to Asako and invites her to their studio for practice sessions. The band manager, Yukari (Ayumi Ito), soon kicks Asako out, but Natsu is determined to keep her around.

When band manager Yukari becomes sick, the LANDS members already fond of Asako, call Asako to take of Yukari. The two women fast become friends and Asako soon becomes LANDS co-manager.

As the band starts climbing the ladder to stardom, friction starts to occur among the band...


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