L'enfant D'en Haut Sister

Sister [2012]
Category IIB
airs Tue, August 22, 20:15 on MOViE MOViE
in 5 days 21 hours 14 minutes

plot synopsis

Simon is a12-year old thief who rides up to and down the ritzy resort every day ona season pass to steal unattended skis, goggles and winter gloves. He lives with his older sister Louise, a scruffy Kate Moss lookalike whose passivity extends to everything except partying and getting into cars with louts. Leading a tough life too early of his age to bear, the smart boy lives to survive, physically, financially and emotionally, by trading the proof of love with his sister with money. The two siblings share a secret that they hide well - something that maintains the bleak but unabandonable relationship under the sunny, beautiful landscape of the Alps.


Gillian Anderson

Kristin Jansen

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