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Turbo 2013

Turbo [2013]

Release dates

2013 Jul

Hong Kong

2013 Aug


  • 96 minutes
  • Category I
  • Group A

Plot synopsis

Turbo is a little guy with big dreams. Not satisfied with living life at a snail's pace, he has a powerful and resolute need for speed. Turbo trains tirelessly, measuring his progress with a yard stick. (His new record: covering the 36-inch-long "track"... in 17 minutes.) Turbo's single-minded goal is to compete in the greatest race in the world: the Indy 500.

When we meet Turbo, he's somewhat of an outcast in the snail community, which is less about big dreams and more about punching a time clock at their place of employment (and principal source of nourishment) - the [tomato] "plant". Turbo's brother Chet, whose credo is, safety first, last and only, shares the community's insistence on a snail-paced routine. Chet loves his brother, but he is concerned that Turbo's obsession with all things fast could lead to disaster - or worse!



Ryan Reynolds

Turbo [voice]

Paul Giamatti

Chet [voice]

Samuel L. Jackson

Whiplash [voice]

Bill Hader

Guy Gagné [voice]

Richard Jenkins

Bobby [voice]

Ken Jeong

Kim Ly [voice]

Michelle Rodriguez

Paz [voice]


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