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Side Stories 2014

Side Stories [2014]

Release date

2014 May

Hong Kong

Original Title
ไซด์ สตอรี่
  • 88 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

Side Stories is now ready with three horror episodes which are Vengeance (prequel of Phobia 2's Salvage), Makin (prequel of Ladda Land) and Loneliness (sequel of 4bia's Happiness).

Vengeance (prequel of Phobia 2: Salvage)
Suthin's daily routine as a retired lieutenant general is to drive to see his comatose wife at the hospital. On top of the emotional stress he must endure, he is coping with mounting medical expenses.

One day, Suthin is pushed over his breaking point when a beggar tries to aggressively solicit money from him for wiping his car's windshield. This trivial incident sets Suthin off on a vengeful psychotic episode that ends with blood.

Now Suthin must determine whether he is haunted by his conscience or the restless soul of the boy whose life he took.

Makin (prequel of Ladda Land)
Makin haunts the Ladda Land housing project! Makin was a young Burmese woman working as a maid in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. Find out: Why was Makin's life taken and her body stuffed inside a refrigerator? How did Makin meet such a terrible fate? Who is Makin's killer?

Loneliness (sequel of 4bia: Happiness)
Beam, a young graduate, is going through the worst year of his life. The fortuneteller's predictions were true: with misfortune written in the stars, his partner dumped him and he was laid off from his job. Now, he is faced with moving into a rundown apartment until he finds a new work.

On the first night at his new apartment, his fortune takes a turn when he finds a mysterious note posted on his door. More notes appear, each handwritten, and expressing a strong desire from his secret admirer to want to get to know him - especially that a "strong connection was felt" since the first time they met. Beam replies to each note without actually considering the consequences of his words.

How will Beam handle the horrific possibility that his secret admirer might not be the girl next door, but a ghost next door?

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