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Dope 2015

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  • 115 minutes

Plot synopsis

Malcolm is obsessed with '90s hip hop and dreams of going to Harvard. His normal life is turned upside down after he and his best friends hesitantly attend a birthday party for local drug dealer Dom so he can pursue his crush on neighborhood hottie Nakia. When a backroom drug deal goes bad and the cops raid the party, Dom secretly stashes a payload of trendy party drugs in Malcolm's backpack.  From jail Dom instructs Malcolm and his pals to give the "Molly" to its rightful owner, drug kingpin Austin Jacoby. But instead of accepting the delivery, Jacoby gives them an ultimatum: move the weight and pay him in cash in the next few weeks - or else. With the clock ticking down - and his college application deadlines looming - Malcolm has to evade gun-toting thugs, campus drug dogs and Jacoby's sexy wacked-out daughter and her cocky brother. Along the way he learns more about life, high-finance and himself than any Ivy League school could ever teach him.



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