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Sunny 2018

Sunny [2018]

Release dates

2018 Nov

Hong Kong

2018 Dec


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  • 118 minutes
  • General Audiences Category

Plot synopsis

6 friends from a girl's high school, call themselves as 'SUNNY', enjoying their youth in the 1990's. At that time, their lives were glowing brightly, girls wearing white loose socks in an unprecedented 'gyaru' boom.

After 22 years, the girls grew up as adults, dealing with their own problems. Nami, a girl from 'SUNNY', who is now a full-time housewife, is living a life without any inconvenience. One day, Nami accidentally sees her former best friend from 'SUNNY', Serika, at the hospital. Nami then finds out that Serika is suffering from a terminal cancer. Reunited, Serika asks Nami a favor, saying she wants to meet the 4 other girls from 'SUNNY' again before her death, and Nami starts to fulfill Serika's wish. Members from 'SUNNY' are: Nami, Serika, Yuko, Shin, Ume, and Nana. Can they all reunite again while Serikais alive?