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The Dude In Me 2019

The Dude In Me [2019]

Release date

2019 Aug

Hong Kong

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/ 10

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Original Title
내안의 그놈
  • 122 minutes
  • Category IIB
  • Group C

Plot synopsis

Pan-su (Park Sung-woong) is a career criminal and a savvy entrepreneur who is the right-hand man and son-in-law of a mob boss. After a freak accident, Pan-su wakes up in a 17-year-old Dong-hyun's (Jin Young) body, while the boy is in his body, which is in a coma. He goes out to investigate what happened and discovers just how badly Dong-hyun has been bullied in school and finds out that he got into the accident while trying to protect a girl. He manages to fix some of Dong-hyun's problems, including his physique, only to realise that he now has the chance to fix his own past mistakes...


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