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Rogue 2020

Rogue [2020]

Release dates

2020 Sep


2020 Oct

Hong Kong

  • 105 minutes
  • Category IIB
  • Parental Guidance for Aged 15 Category

Plot synopsis

Rogue is the story of a small unit of mercenaries, led by Samantha O’Hara (Megan Fox) and Joey Kazinski (Philip Winchester) who have been sent in to an African country to rescue the abducted daughter of the regional governor.  When the rescue is compromised, the team have to make a desperate escape from the terrorists, led by a radicalised young Englishman (Adam Deacon).   

Out of ammo and being hunted by the terrorists the team take refuge in a seemingly abandoned farm.  It soon becomes clear that the 'farm' was actually a base of operations for poachers and was being used to breed lions for the traditional medicine and canned hunting business - and not all the lions have gone...

Now, with the terrorists closing in and Africa's most dangerous predator hunting them, the team have to survive the night at the bottom of the food chain and make it out with the hostages alive.


Megan Fox

Samantha O'Hara


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