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Butt Detective The Movie : The Secret Of Souffle Island 2021

Butt Detective The Movie : The Secret Of Souffle Island [2021]

Release date

2022 May

Hong Kong

Original Title
映画 おしりたんてい スフーレ島のひみつ
  • 37 minutes
  • Category I

Plot synopsis

A written notice from Phantom U has reached Souffle Island, where winds blow throughout the year. His target is the island's treasure, the Wind Guide. Oshiritantei visits the island along with the Wankoro police, and there meets the girl Lulu, who flies freely about in the sky. She dreams of the world outside the island, but she's tied down by her familial duty to guard the big lighthouse that is vital to the islanders' livelihoods. On the night of the full moon Phantom U specified, Oshiritantei and the others try to protect the Wind Guide from him, but Phantom U has a "secret plan"... When Oshiritantei's famous deduction shines, the secret hidden on the island will become clear!

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