HBO Previews First Half Of Westworld S2

HBO Previews First Half Of Westworld S2

April 23, 2018 10:16 by Leslie

Don't read this post unless you have watched Westworld S2E1 "Journey into Night".

[Warning: spoliers of Westworld S2E1 "Journey into Night" ahead]

Shortly after the world premiere of Westworld S2E1 "Journey into Night", HBO has posted serveral clips including the new opening credits, a making-of the frightening drone hosts and a preview of the weeks ahead, and we guess it only covers episodes 2 to 5. You can watch them below.

Westworld S2E2 "Reunion" will be airing on HBO (now TV ch.110 & 115) on Monday, April 30 9:00 with same day encore at 22:00.


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