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Alita: Battle Angel IMAX Sneak Peek Description

Alita: Battle Angel IMAX Sneak Peek Description

Published on February 4, 2019 11:56 by Leslie Cheung

Back in December, we were invited by 20th Fox Century to attend an IMAX sneak peek at Alita: Battle Angel, and we are blown away by the amazing 3D visuals. Here is the description of the scenes shown that day.

It kicks off with James Cameron's introduction, in which he talks about his fascination for Alita's concept and jokes that he has to give up directing it because Avatar sequels gets in the way. Robert Rodriguez follows with his own introduction.

After the latest IMAX trailer, there are total of 8 scenes from the film shown.

In the first scene, Alita (Rosa Salazar) is waking up, meeting Dr. Ido (Christoph Waltz).

In the second scene, Alita goes out with Ido at a roadside restaurant, where she sees a puppy. Hugo (Keean Johnson) saves her from a quadrupedal walking tank.

In scene #3, Alita plays motor ball with Hugo for the first time.

In scene #4, Alita follows a suspicious Ido out at night, then it turns out her battling two villainous cyborgs.

In scene #5, Hugo brings Alita outside of the Iron City trying to help her remembering memories, and they go to a sunken URM (United Republic of Mars) battle spaceship. Alita goes underwater to get to the command deck, where she finds a new armour cyborg body. She brings it back home but Ido refuse to link her onto new body because she was an URM berezka.

In scene #6, Alita goes underground to fight a huge cyborg and this fight scene offers some stunning 3D visuals.

In scene #7, Alita meets Hugo on a rooftop with her new cyborg body.

In the final scene, Alita participates in motor ball professional league for the first time, and Ido warns her that all other competitors are trying to kill her. The scene is the highlight of the screening with loads of action, and reminds us of the light cycle race from TRON Legacy.

Alita: Battle Angel offers some stunning 3D visuals in its action sequence so it's worthy to watch it on the big screen, i.e. IMAX. The film opens tomorrow with early IMAX screenings tonight.


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