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Published Published over 3 years ago by Leslie Cheung

There is always something new to put on the table in each Christopher Nolan's films, and Tenet is the latest one to reinvent spy films. Of course sci-fi materials in spy films is nothing new, but to do it with believable realism with non-linear worldview, Christopher Nolan has certainly done another outstanding job. The practical effects in Tenet certainly help grounding the out-of-the-box mind-bending blockbuster as it transforms abstract idea into reality. This time, the director tells us at point blank, "Don't try to understand it. Feel it." Just go with the flow like you experience the last act of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and leave the thinking part for post-screening discussion. Tenet, and not Interstellar, is certainly his 2001 because it will blow your mind wide open, even wider than what Inception did to you 10 years ago. Moreover, Interstellar tries to explain too much but Tenet does it more subtly so it does not distract you from experiencing the visuals.

There are some British humours seen in other spy films thrown in Tenet (custom-made suits and grab a cup of tea, (cough) espresso on the job) that would amuse you.

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