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Don't Breathe 2016

Don't Breathe

Published on October 10, 2016 15:15 by Leslie Cheung

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/ 10
Ok, we are biased for director Fede Alvarez because he delivered one excellent remake/sequel of Evil Dead in 2013, so we have high hopes for Don't Breathe, and we are definitely not disappointed. Director has twisted the usual horror film formula - home invasion at the point of view of the invaders, and the victim may not be the "helpless" blind house owner. It's no difficulty for director to build up tension between the hunter and the prey under the same roof, and it leaves you no chance to relax or take a deep breath. The grayish night-vision scene is so good that you feel you are unfortunately in the house with the characters. Luckily, the trailer did not give away the plot twist and shocking scene which gives the film a new kind of horror than other genre films.


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