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Transformers 2007

Published on July 30, 2007 23:37 by Dillamahi

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I cannot say Transformers is a crap movie...

Been waiting for more than two years, kept refreshing the official website, the long-awaited Transformers is finally here. Based on the experience, we have to wait and see what would happen to movies adopted from animations - we do not want it to miss our expectation. However when I saw the CG model of Bumble Bee, and when the director Michael Bay claimed the feature movie would not be similar to the original animation, I thought something would go wrong.

The story itself is seriously non-sense. During the desert base scene from the start, if the Decepticons are that powerful, why they would have to sneak it so clumsily? And the airplane sneak, all these are just the director's fancy presentations. Michael Bay has directed many good movies before, such as Bad Boys series, The Rock, Armageddon and Pearl Harbour are his representative works. However, he should be blamed for the failure in the storyline of Transformers.

To me, the CG effect is a failure too. First, it is the traditional Hollywood transformation, and loses the stiffness as in the animation series. It is lucky to have the trademark mechanical sound remained. Second, you cannot really recognise the face of the robot after they transformed, plus the fast-moving camera and frequent use of zoom-in, it makes viewers can only see a bunch of robots, and not identifying who is who. Third, let us recap on the history, in the animation series, all Autobots are just cars while Decepticons are either aircrafts or weapon cars. After Autobots transformed, their feature is the car header would become the chest. The header would come with the brand's logo, and people can easily distinguish the Autobots. However, this feature is dropped in the film, and every robot is so similar with each other after transformation, the uniqueness of each robot is taken off. This would be one significant failure of the film.

Although the film has a lot of negative factor, we are still tied to the film as we saw Optimus Prime made its debut, we are still touched in the heart. It is worth-while to watch the film and to see Optimus Prime. For those who have not seen the animation series, they can treat it as a standard sci-fi movie and they will not be disappointed.

That is why I cannot say Transformers is a crap movie. I can only say this is a good movie, which is not adopting from the original well enough.

Just to let you know that the leading actor Shia LaBeouf, who plays the role Sam, could be a star in the making.


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