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Halloween 2018


Published on October 28, 2018 16:40 by Leslie Cheung

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/ 10

[The following review contains spoilers for Halloween. Please watch the film first before reading.]

Seldom can a sequel match the original, but the 2018 direct sequel to the original Halloween 40 years ago certainly has done its best job. The new Halloween pays tribute to the original film by recreating some key scenes, but the best parts are reversing the status quo of Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers, and wiping out their brother and sister connection from the story. The role reversal is important to show that the final girl can become the hunter and lay her revenge. With this brother-sister connection gone, Michael Myers is much scarier because Laurie is just another random victim in his kill list. The film builds up the tension and suspension by often showing Michael Myers in killing spree in blurry background. The backyard killing with motion sensor lights is a standout scene, and the final confrontation between Laurie and Michael is very well played too.

Franchise followers or horror film fans must enjoy this with numerous easter eggs referencing other films in the franchise, even one at the end for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).


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