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Black Mirror, Season 3 2016

Black Mirror, Season 3

Published on October 20, 2016 23:45 by Leslie Cheung

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/ 10

It is worth the wait as Black Mirror Season 3 is offering more brilliant twists while taking on our daily technology advancement.

On one hand, the series is taking on the cold dark surface of technology and the paranoid caused by this. On the other, it can move you emotionally. You would feel the same as the protagonist on S3E1 "San Junipero" and S3E3 "Nosedive", just as the way "White Christmas" makes you feel. On the feature length S3E5 "Hated in the Nation", which details the pressure and weight of physical and digital social lives crossing over with a horrific outcome, proves that the series is worthy to become a possible movie franchise and this generation's Twilight Zone.

Six great stories about the bright future, and the dark reflection it brings.

S3E1 San Junipero - 9.6
S3E2 Shut Up and Dance - 9.6
S3E3 Nosedive - 9.9
S3E4 Men Against Fire - 8.9
S3E5 Hated in the Nation - 9.9
S3E6 Playtest - 9.0


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