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Seven Years Itch
  • 82minutes
  • IIB

Release Date

Original Title

Hong Kong Title
Seven Years Itch

Plot Synopsis

Living together for 7 years, Raymond (Raymond Wong) has been faithful to Sylvia (Sylvia Cheng). But he is eager to having an affair after being teased by his colleagues. On his business trip to Singapore, he is being used by a charming girl, Siu Hung (Li Chi) to smuggle some stolen jewellery. Raymond thinks Siu Hung is in love with him while Siu Hung sneaks away with the jewellery. Raymond is so involved with Siu Hung that he decides to take Sylvia on a trip to Singapore to bring back the memory. But it comes an intruder Shin (Wu Fung) who falls in love with Sylvia at first sight. Meanwhile, Siu Hung returns for the diamond ring and Sylvia mistakes her as Raymond's girlfriend. Sylvia is so heart broken that she accepts Shin's proposal. When Raymond knows he is going to lose Sylvia, he understands the precious of their relationship and tries to make it up.


Johnnie To Kei-Fung


Raymond Wong Bak-Ming

Willie Ng

Sylvia Chang

Eric Tsang

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