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Ab-Normal Beauty
  • 98minutes
  • III

Release Date

Original Title

Hong Kong Title
Ab-Normal Beauty

Plot Synopsis

Jiney is a photography student. One day on her way to school, a woman is knocked down by a car and died horribly. Jiney witnesses the accident and takes a photo of the scene. She experienced the excitement and satisfaction she never had and obsessed with photographing death. At the same time, Jiney receives a video tape which shows a girl was beaten to death. Before Jiney finds out what to do with her abnormal behavior and who sent her the weird tape, Anson, the one sent Jiney the tape, kidnap her. Will John kill Jiney or will Jiney become another John in some other days?


Oxide Pang Chun


Race Wong
Ekin Cheng
Man in Car Crash

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