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Contagion 2011

Contagion [2011]

Release date

2011 Sep

Hong Kong

  • 105 minutes
  • Category IIB

Plot synopsis

When Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to Minneapolis from business in Hong Kong, what she thought was jet lag takes a virulent turn. Two days later, she's dead in the ER and the doctors tell her shocked and grieving husband (Matt Damon) they have no idea why. Soon, others exhibit the same mysterious symptoms: hacking coughs and fever, followed by seizure, brain hemorrhage... and ultimately, death. In Minneapolis, Chicago, London, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the numbers quickly multiply: one case becomes four, then sixteen, then hundreds, thousands, as the contagion sweeps across all borders, fueled by the countless human interactions that make up the course of an average day. A global pandemic explodes.


Matt Damon

Thomas Emhoff

Gwyneth Paltrow

Beth Emhoff

Marion Cotillard

Dr. Leonora Orantes

Kate Winslet

Dr. Erin Mears

Jude Law

Alan Krumwiede

Laurence Fishburne

Dr. Ellis Cheever


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