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Rango 2011

Rango [2011]

Release date

2011 Apr

Hong Kong

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/ 10

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  • 107 minutes
  • Category I

Plot synopsis

The story begins as Rango, after a lifetime as a family pet watching the world go by in a glass-walled terrarium, finds himself lost in the Mojave Desert, where he wanders into the last Wild West outpost of Dirt, a town every bit as gritty as its name. Rango hopes he'll blend in, but he quickly stands out, even among a population that includes a tortoise Mayor, a rattlesnake renegade, bank-robbing prairie dogs, gun-slinging Gila monsters and the first female lizard Rango has ever encountered. When Rango unwittingly becomes the arid town’s new Sheriff and their last hope to find hydration, he knows he's in a heap of trouble. Lore has it that good guys don't last long in Dirt, but Rango is ready to buck the odds as he rides his own path to becoming the one thing even a chameleon can't fake: a real-deal hero.



Johnny Depp

Rango [voice]

Alfred Molina

Roadkill [voice]

Bill Nighy

Rattlesnake Jake [voice]


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