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Something Like, Something Like It
  • 96minutes
  • I

Release Date

Original Title
の・ようなもの のようなもの

Hong Kong Title
Something Like, Something Like It

Plot Synopsis

Shinden Defunetei (Kenichi Matsuyama) wants to become a "Rakugo" storyteller though he just has the status of an opening performer. Then one day, he is summoned by the Master, and told to go search for a former member of their troupe, Shintoto (Katsunobu Ito). To gain the favor of their sponsor, who is particularly fond of Shintoto, they come up with the idea of compelling Shintoto to once again perform on stage. Shintoto has given up rakugo upon the death of his Master. Yet, he identifies his former self with the situation of the clumsy but earnest Shinden, and is so moved that it rekindles his love for rakugo. Shintoto finally decides to appear onstage once again but he is not in good form... In the end, will Shinden be able to display the ultimate "punch line" of human development?


Ken'ichi Matsuyama

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