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  • 124minutes
  • IIB

Release Date

Plot Synopsis

Fred and Mick are approaching their eighties, they are well aware of the fact that their days are numbered. Every day is an earned day, and every experience may not have another go-over. Even though they are very great friends, they have very different approaches to life. Mick, a director, still wants to write another screenplay, hoping it to be made into a film as soon as possible. Fred, a retired composer and conductor, has long left his career behind. As they go on a vacation in the beautiful foothills of the Alps, they are going to encounter experiences that would give them a new insight on youth, time, and what growing old really means.



Mick Boyle

Harvey Keitel

Fred Ballinger

Michael Caine

Lena Ballinger

Rachel Weisz

Brenda Morel

Jane Fonda

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