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HK: Forbidden Super Hero - The Abnormal Crisis
  • 119minutes
  • IIB
  • 輔12

Release Date

Original Title
HK 変態仮面 アブノーマル・クライシス

Hong Kong Title
HK: Forbidden Super Hero - The Abnormal Crisis

Plot Synopsis

The media has been reporting the news every day that all panties are disappearing, but Kyosuke continues wearing Aiko's panties and defeating evil. Aiko has mixed feelings and asks him to return her panties, and their feelings gradually become out of sync. Kyosuke inadvertently hurts Aiko's feelings, unaware of the hateful gaze of their classmate Tadashi Makoto. In the unprecedented crisis of losing Aiko's affection and all the panties completely vanishing from the world, the most powerful enemy challenges Hentai Kamen.



Hirofumi Arai

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