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  • 110minutes
  • IIA
  • 護

Release Date

Original Title

Hong Kong Title

Plot Synopsis

In the era of fierce intelligence wars, all nations in the world are in turmoil. A top spy, working for Westalis and spying in Ostania, “Twilight” disguises as Loid Forger, undergoing a mission, namely Operation Strix. But in the midst of the operation, he is replaced by an incapable man?!

At the same time, Eden College is organizing a cooking internship program the winner of which will be rewarded with a "stella star". In order to proceed with Operation Strix, and to prove to WISE that he is up to the task of keeping the peace of the world, Loid proposes to Anya to make a traditional Frigis dessert called "Meremere" to win the principal's heart! In order to confirm the authentic taste of the dessert, the Forgers decides to take a trip to Frigis. But before their departure, Yor witnesses Loid meeting with a mysterious woman. After that Yor becomes uneasy about the “fake relationship" with Loid…

On the train, Anya finds a strange suitcase with a chocolate in it. When the owner of the suitcase suddenly returns, while in panic, Anya swallows the chocolate by mistake. It is found out later that the chocolate is hiding a top secret that could shatter the peace of the world!

Unexpected things happen one after another, crisis after crisis, thrill after thrill…!

The fate of the world has once again been entrusted to the Forgers!

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