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Despicable Me Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Joyous Rerun

<strong><em>Despicable Me</em></strong> Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Joyous Rerun

Leslie Cheung over 3 years ago

It has been 10 years since Gru and his Minions and his new-found family launched into the world, and Universal Pictures has announced a special re-run of Despicable Me from October 1. The new re-run season will be presented in 2D English and 2D Cantonese versions, along with 2 short clips, while we wait for the belated return of Minions: The Rise Of Gru which now has its theatrical release date postponed from this summer to summer 2021. You may check out Despicable Me cinema showtimes here. When you purchase 2 re-run tickets, you can redeem a special commemorative Minions pin (while stocks last).

BELLO!! It’s been 10 years since the excitable little Minions were introduced to the world – do you recall the meteoric rise of Despicable Me in 2010? The army of Minions equipped with shrink rays and freeze guns, and helped Gru with his plan to take over the world. Can’t remember much? Worry not, this is your chance to relive the moments on big screen again!

From October 1st, Despicable Me will be returned to cinemas with two extra bonus clips. A limited edition of ‘Minions: 10 Years of Joy’ collectible pin can be redeemed with a purchase of two tickets – an absolute must-have for all Minions fans!

Proudly presented to you by Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures, are you ready for the Despicable?

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