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Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

Published Published 5 months ago by Leslie Cheung

Notice: The following review contains spoilers to Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. Please come back after watching the film out in cinema now.

The last outing in the anime Spider-Verse shocked us with unique artwork style, and this time, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse is pushing it even further with hybrid styles of 2D & 3D computer graphic, 2D comic artwork, and even real life actors in it. The result is next-level kaleidoscopic outburst of styles that gives the audience plenty to savour. What Into The Spider-Verse cannot offer is that, there are less than 10 Spider-Men/Women in it, but this time Across The Spider-Verse is expanding the horizon to bring in loads of different versions of the characters (even the LEGO version!) linking all iterations of Spider-films which brings infinite joy to Spider-fans.

Most superhero stories are about the protagonist who is destined to be a hero, but what if, they are not. This is how Across The Spider-Verse plays out after midway through the film when Miles Morales found out the spider that bite him and gave him his superpower is not originated from his universe. The twist gives a new dimension of superhero story that has not been seen for a while. The new villain Spot is an interesting character and though his part is not major in the one but should play a bigger part in Beyond The Spider-Verse. (His self-absorbing scene somehow reminds us of Sea of Holes in Yellow Submarine.) And yes, this one has no real ending, the real ending is coming in next year's Beyond The Spider-Verse, but Across The Spider-Verse has set up an emotional grounding.

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