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Shin Masked Rider

Published Published 5 months ago by Leslie Cheung

Shin Masked Rider is the 4th film in Shin Japan Heroes Universe, and complete the first phase of the series by presenting the last character of the series on screen. Like Shin Godzilla and Shin Ultraman before it, Shin Masked Rider is retelling the classic stories with a modern take and visual. The two debut practical fight sequences are so good and honour the classic Kamen Rider series. Some scenes are shot by iPhone giving that lo-fi style that mimics the old series style. There are a few callbacks to the Evangelion series as well, which has been a rule for the Shin series.

Shin Masked Rider offers more drama than its predecessors, and focuses more on the heroism, human relationships and legacy. A welcoming change from solely focusing on Japan political scene and bureaucracy. The rooftop fight scene with Wasp-AUG is new and amazing, that looks like taking directly from the pages of manga.

An action-filled and exciting adventure in the Shin series, we cannot wait for another sequel of Shin Masked Rider.

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