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  • 91minutes
  • IIB

Release Date

Plot Synopsis

Happily married, Sarah (Nicole Kidman) and Kyle Miller (Nicolas Cage) appear to have it all: an elegant, secluded home, all of the creature comforts, and a lovable yet rebellious teenage daughter, Avery (Liana Liberato). Kyle is a successful diamond dealer and Sarah is an architect, the designer of their sprawling modern home of glass, stone and steel surrounded by a thick forest.

Chiseled, tan and in command, Kyle expertly guides the Porsche around the tree-lined curves that lead to a gated driveway. Just home from work, he enters the kitchen to find Sarah and Avery arguing. As Kyle retires behind the locked doors of his office, the home's security system switches over to it's nightly routine: tasteful outdoor lighting accentuates the gardens, gate locks engage, and infrareds and CCTV cameras come to life.


Joel Schumacher



Nicolas Cage


Nicole Kidman

Jonah Collins

Cam Gigandet

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