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Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces
  • 91minutes

Plot Synopsis

To shape Fire Walk With Me into a feature-length film, David Lynch had to cut roughly an hour and a half of footage featuring plot strands involving other Twin Peaks characters. In 2014, Lynch returned to those deleted footage and edited them into The Missing Pieces. In addition to additional scenes of Agent Desmond's investigation into the Teresa Banks murder, The Missing Pieces also features scenes of absurd Lynchian humour that were missing from Fire Walk With Me, as well as more of David Bowie's brief appearance as a long lost FBI agent, the Black Lodge spirits, Doc Hayward, the Packard Saw Mill and of course, FBI agent Dale Cooper.


David Lynch


Sam Stanley

Kiefer Sutherland

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

Kyle MacLachlan

Phillip Jeffries

David Bowie

FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole

David Lynch

Leland Palmer

Ray Wise

Annie Blackburn

Heather Graham

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