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  • 101minutes
  • IIA
  • B
  • 護

Release Date

Plot Synopsis

Equals takes place in a colorless, post-apocalyptic society - known as The Collective - where its inhabitants have been genetically modified between conception and birth to be "emotion-free." Consequently, emotion, love, and sex have been outlawed. Silas, an illustrator in The Collective, mysteriously starts experiencing feelings and realizes he has become afflicted with "Switched-On-Syndrome." As Silas is grappling with his new, undisclosed condition, he finds himself drawn to Nia, a fiction writer, who he soon discovers is also emotionally alive, and also hiding her condition. As they both uncover each other's secret emotional existence, they fall in love.

Keeping their love affair undercover, Nia and Silas find a small support group of others who are "switched on" as well. When the government announces that a cure for "Switched-On-Syndrome" has been found, Nia and Silas's realise their love is at great risk. They make a plan to escape the society. With the help of other "switched-ons," who sacrifice themselves to help the young lovers, Nia and Silas fight insurmountable odds for their love in order to survive and escape The Collective once and for all.



Nicholas Hoult


Kristen Stewart


Guy Pearce

The Collective

Claudia Kim


Jacki Weaver

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